alberto pau forex trading apprentice scam alert

by Baz

Scam Alert Alberto Pau Forex Trading Apprentice

Comments: Hi, Re; Real or scam. You may find this interesting.

Awhile ago I subscribed to, Alberto Pau s, Forex Trading Apprentice. On the video a man introduces himself as Ron J Wills, a hedge fund manager and partner of Pau. Today I went to Currency Profit Machine site, same man on video, this time introducing himself as John Taylor, a Wall Street Trader. Thought this may interest your followers, cheers Baz

PS Fritz, If you google Ron j Wills, there's a 1 min video I made. (shows this guy lying about his name).

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Dec 15, 2017
Fresh Out of a Webinar with Alberto Pau
by: Anonymous

Well I just finished a 60 minute seminar with Alberto Pau and he only gave basic information on forex trading that one could have googled to find out. This is a seminar to sell you his master class package. I'm a well I formed soon to be day trader and the information he gave in this seminar I could have studied on my own. The master class package maybe a good product but I feel one can gain better knowledge on trading just by studying on their own and taking free trader platform understanding like the webinars NinjaTrader gives to its users.

Nov 16, 2017
Would you buy from a fictional person?
by: Baz

Hi, Have just received a copyright infringement from Alberto Pau on You Tube. I am not sure of my legal position to fight it.
The video clearly shows a Ron J wills supposedly a hedge fund manager and partner with Alberto Pau, then introducing himself as John Taylor.
So if Alberto Pau is fiction and John Taylor and Ron J Wills also fiction. Then surely Alberto s stories are fiction too. I wish i had known before i bought one of their products.

Nov 13, 2017
Yes, it's a scam
by: Anonymous

I'm ashamed to admit that I've worked with the people running Alberto Pau's scam. As the first commentator noted back in 2013, it's a made-up character. The sales pages, videos, blog posts ... everything is commissioned from freelancers on various sites. This is done by a company called DVFX.

They also cheat freelancers out of their money and use their services for free. Low-life scum, the whole lot of them.

Want proof? They have a Metatrader tutorial that sells for $450. You can have it for free. You know this is legit because the videos say "Unlisted". Only an insider could have had access to them.

You're welcome:

Oct 20, 2017
Domain is now up for sale
by: Brainyforex

I notice that domain name is now offered for sale as at 21 October 2017 for $2,695 (USD).

Oct 03, 2017
Proof through trading statements always helps
by: Admin

Hi Simon
Thanks for contacting me. You are more than welcome to provide information that explains matters. I will add your comments to the blog post. Do you have your trading results audited by an independent company? Some trading firms show their results through myfxbook that go a long way to show that they really can trade profitably. Does your company provide any of these proofs? Please post links here for everybody to look at. This will go a long way to show that your trading firm is legitimate.
Thank you

Oct 03, 2017
I don't think its wrong when actor plays his role for your ads
by: Simon Marsen

My name is Simon Marsen, I am Albert Paus assistant, he asked me to talk with you about the topic where his name is written I dont think its wrong when actor plays his role for your ads. And if this actor plays another role for another ad that doesn't mean those two adds are connected to each other somehow. I mean - actor cant play role just for one company if he wants to feed the family etc. So i don't know how this can be called a scam and Albert Pau doesn't want to be associated with something like this. Can you help us, please?

Oct 02, 2017
sales pitch
by: Anonymous

I spent 20 minutes of my time listening to what was supposed to be a seminar. it was just a sales pitch for his mastermind program which is very expensive

Aug 02, 2013
Forex Trading Apprentice They use actors
by: Anonymous

If you go to the sales page for Forex Trading Apprentice at
and then scroll down to the bottom it says this:

"Ron J. Wills and Alberto Pau are pen names of Inspired Publishing Ltd. To protective the respective individuals and any other parties concerned, actors may be used to represent them".

So, they do admit right at the end that they do use actors but not many people would scroll down that far and read it, so it is misleading.

But what does it mean by saying these are pen names of the company? Do these two people even exist?

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