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I have servers with BeeksFX VPS for a year and there were no problems. The availability of 100%

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About Us
Beeks FX was founded in 2009 by two IT entrepreneurs, one business focused, one software focused. The aim of the company is simple - to provide technical expertise and advice in the highly sophisticated area of automated trading.

Automated trading strategies are a minefield. We know that, we've been there - building, back testing, slippage, rebuilding, re-testing and so on.

Strategies aside, we quickly realised that we needed a rock solid platform to underpin any automated solutions, and built our own VPS solution to do just that. This has quickly grown into a robust platform.

At Beeks FX, we are automated traders. We understand what you need, as a fellow automated trader, to make your robots gel to deliver a stable platform on which to trade quickly and reliably.

We don't host websites, we only do VPS for traders like us - people who build, run and manage automated trading systems across multiple platforms such as NinjaTrader, E-Signal, MT4 and Tradestation.

Our service is located in three geographically separate Data Centres (London, New York and Edinburgh), delivering maximum resilience, reliability, failover and guaranteed uptime.

Anyone who works at Beeks FX must be passionate about automated trading, and the founders have highly technical focused backgrounds within IBM and some of the world’s largest system integrators.

Interested in finding out more? Drop us a line at with any questions about what we do at Beeks FX or happy to share war stories about MT4 EA's, Ninja Script or e-signal's v11 release. It's what we do!

Why choose a Beeksfx VPS?
Beeks FX VPS are the essential cog in your automated trading strategy. You need a safe, reliable and FAST trading solution. Remember, we are automated traders too, so we know what you are looking for.

If you have used a VPS before for automated trading, you will have experienced issues in latency at some point, or may have been unlucky enough to encounter issues in reliability of service.

It is important to have two things:
1 Rapid trade execution via lightning fast response times with your brokerage.
2 A stable, robust, reliable and easily accessible trading platform that runs 24-7.
We know this because we need this! So let us share that with you!

For more information visit

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