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Brainyforex reviews major forex broker reviews from sites all around the world so as to keep up to date with customers satisfaction levels with forex brokerage firms.

When selecting a broker, consider what best suits your trading style requirements and initial deposit. Do you want automated trading capabilities? Can you trade micro lots? What amount can I open the account with? Read more about choosing a broker

Also remember, it is a good idea to spread your risk by operating from more than one forex brokerage account. The reality is that there will always be issues with even the industry best forex brokers. Software and internet connectivity problems like drop outs, apparent price spikes against you, unfavorable spreads during certain times just to name a few. Don't expect perfection in all area's from your chosen broker(s). Work with a few different ones and get a feel for how they suit your particular trading style. You will automatically gravitate to the one that fits you best.

When I am asked to name the most honest forex ecn broker I tell them this.

A great site to check and compare different brokers spreads is through FXIntelligence Live.

Brainyforex's recommendation of best forex brokerage firms shown below;

[Brokers offer an assortment of trading accounts and all the conditions mentioned below may not apply to one particular account. The table information below shows the best per each category.

Note : Special deals

Most brokers will offer special introduction bonuses for new clients. It's just a matter of looking on their official websites for these specials. You may also be able to negotiate a special deal by talking directly to them.

Special deals are also listed and provided through CashBackForex. See more information about them below.

NB : US Citizens accepted by FinFX

How to claim back most of your brokerage spreads (Win or Lose) ... heres how;
CashBackForex offers a service which pays traders cash for each trade placed at many top currency trading brokers, without negatively affecting spreads and other trading conditions. They can do this by introducing clients to the brokerage firms they represent and in exchange the broker pays them a commission from their marketing budget on every trade a client places. CashBackForex in turn keep only a portion of the commission and pass much of it onto their client. The clients get the same spreads and conditions as if they had opened an account directly, the only difference is a client that goes through CashBackForex gets a cash commission for every trade placed on their account. As one of the highest volume introducing firms in the industry and by far the largest provider of cash rebates, CashBackForex is trusted by many thousands of traders to deliver timely cash rebates that amount to significant savings.

Most of the brokers listed below qualify for cash rebates through CashBackForex. Learn more by visiting

  Type Lot size Spreads Reg Min Deposit Levge Auto Reviews

FinFX broker

FinFX [Finland]

ECN/STP [USA Clients Welcome] 0.01 micro 0.2 pip variable or 0 Yes 100 300:1 MT4 Reviews


ThinkForex [Australia]

ECN/STP 0.01 mini 0.2 pip variable Yes 250 500:1 MT4 Reviews


Pepperstone [Australia]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 0.1 pip Yes 200 400:1 MT4 Reviews

IC Markets

IC Markets [Australia]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 0.2 pips or 0 Yes 200 400:1 MT4 Reviews

GDMFX forex broker

GDMFX [New Zealand]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 0.1 Yes 100 500:1 MT4 Reviews

Instaforex broker

InstaForex [Russia]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 3 pips fixed or 0 Yes 1 1000:1 MT4 & MT5 Reviews

Synergyfx ECN Forex Broker Australia

Synergyfx [Australia]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 0.1 pip variable or 0 Yes 1,000 500:1 MT4 Reviews

FXTG Australian ECN Broker

FXTG [Australia]

ECN/STP 0.01 mini 1.0 pip fixed Yes 1,000 300:1 MT4 Reviews

Hot Forex Broker

Hot Forex [Mauritius]

ECN/STP 0.01 micro 0.4 pip variable Yes 5 1000:1 MT4 Reviews

Oanda forex broker

Oanda [U.S & International]

NDD/STP 0.01 micro 1.5 pip variable Yes No min 50:1 MT4 Reviews

Dukascopy forex broker

Dukascopy [Switzerland]

ECN/STP 0.01 mini 0.5 pip variable Yes 1,000 100:1 Java & Jforex Reviews

Notes to above forex broker reviews table

The above table is only a guide. Most brokers offer several different account types that may include some or all of the above features.

Broker type

ECN/STP : Forex ECNs execution provides access to an electronic trading network, supplied with streaming quotes from the top tier banks in the world. By trading through an ECN broker, a currency trader generally benefits from greater price transparency, faster processing, increased liquidity and more availability in the marketplace. STP or Straight Through Processing provides fairer processing as the clients order is not subject to a brokers dealing desk that may give rise to price manipulation.

NDD : No dealing desk may provide better transparency.

DD : Dealing desk used. If the brokers compensation model is based on spreads 'only' it is in best interests for the broker to assist the trader to keep trading profitably and successfully. Thus not all dealing desk brokers can be considered as bad. Typically though, dealing desk brokers make money from their clients from the spread "as well" as trading against its clients. Known as Market Makers they take the opposite side of the clients position.

Lot size

Not all brokers offer smaller account sizes. The smallest is micro which means each lot of 0.01 equals 10c. Then there is mini which means each lot of 0.1 lot size equals $1.00. The standard account size means each lot of 1.0 equals $10.00.
This is important as the smaller the account the easier to control risk. Some automated trading systems require micro accounts.


The spreads shown are based on the EUR/USD during the most favorable trading conditions. The average rates are higher than those shown. Rates vary depending on a number of factors, such as volatility during news announcements and at other times when there is less liquidity such as when businesses are less active near holidays.

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