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For traders whom don't like fully automated forex robots, Tal Herman's forex trade signals software may just be the answer.

Tal, a professional forex trader has decided to offer his highly accurate software, which includes his three phase trading strategy for trading the British Pound to the public.

Its a MetaTrader based signal software that verbally advises when a trade signal is ready to be entered. The software incorporates sophisticated news protection, email alerts, spread warnings, plus the ability to enter the position with one click as it has inbuilt profit and stop loss levels.

You can choose to be advised of all or any of three trading strategy signals. The 'Extreme Breakout', the 'Safe Reversal Point' or the 'Trend Correction Breakout' strategy.

Tal assures readers that the trading signals generated by his software are of the most highest caliber. Visit the public reviews section for The Signals Machine here.

Also, I heard that if you would like Tal to operate the software on your behalf he can do this. He will arrange it so that whatever trades he takes on his forex account are copied onto your account.

It does not get any easier than this!

Tals forex signals software can be found at

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Quick facts from Signals Machine creator:

Tal Herman and his team have put up the next generation of Forex signal software.

This is the mother of all systems, combining the power of 3 different strategies all dedicated to the GPBUSD pair. We believe that the right approach is to deal with one pair at a time and the multi-use of several strategies increase the frequency of signals at any given time frame.

We have developed cutting edge technology that cannot be found on any other trading tool or robot. The Signals Machine is more friendly and easy to use, more accessible and more accurate, and due to the News Protection – much safer!

When there is a new potential trade coming, and the MetaTrader platform is minimized, a voice notification will be played, alerting the trader about it.

No matter how good your system is, as long as the trader won't be alerted on time, he won't be able to execute the coming trade. We integrated an email notification technology to alert the trader directly to his inbox. Most 3G mobiles now enable you to get email messages directly to your mobile.

we have found that speed is a necessity to catch a trade on time. We've simplified this process by offering the trader to just click Yes to enter the trade. No more wasting valuable time to input all trade elements, calculate targets or risk a trading mistake!

Most forex trade signals software and robots are based on technical analysis and thus, there is no consideration of News period. With our new technology, the trader gets the news built in to the chart. This prevents the trader from losses due to news hitting the market and interfering with the trade. Traders can optionally stop trading and stop getting signals before and after high impact news.

This revolutionary new indicator is a culmination of 3-years research studying statistics of currency correlations and trend development. This indicator alone is priceless and could be sold separately for a much higher price tag! However, since successful users are loyal users, we have decided that we give our users all the trading edges they can get. Thus, the Strength Pillars indicator is part of the forex trade Signals Machine package.

More information visit

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