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my thoughts about hottrader software

by Fritz

Four stars. I was asked by a visitor to comment about what I though about HotTrader software. You will find my thoughts below.

Hi Ralph

..... I have used Gann Hottrader software for many years and it is an excellent product. You just need patience to trade the swings and make sure that you catch them when they occur. (large breakouts happen fast) I noticed that I found trading this system manually a bit challenging because breakout strategies have a large failure rate and those trades that do breakout need to be let run as long as possible to make up for the low 'hit rate'. This is difficult as well due to human emotions causing you to take the profits too early.

I believe the best way to use Gann Hottrader is as suggested in the user manual (video) whereby the developer recommends a safer option to wait for a pullback as indicated by a oscillator as "oversold" 'after' the original breakout.

If you can master your emotions with this type of trading or develop a unique system around the hot swings generated by hottrader you will like the software.

Hope this information helps.

If you need anything else just let me know and I will try and help.


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