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The coolest and latest webmaster tools will not help your website unless you have built it with good quality information. Information that people are really looking for. This is the core concept used by webmasters building their sites through "Site Build It". SBI teaches these basic concepts as well as many more advanced strategies you need to know by video instruction.

SBI sites work because they generate "quality targeted traffic". If you own a website that is not generating an income for you, then it may be time to make the switch to SBI. Find out more at Convert your blogging efforts into a fully fledged business. Read more here.

If you would like to spend your time assisting affiliates sell your products, you may choose to focus building a website exclusively around your product or service and letting your affiliates generate traffic from you. If you would like to launch one of your new products "super quickly", then the multimedia technology provided by could be for you.

Their technology lets users point and click to create an on-line presence quickly. Integrate video, facebook comments, email within the hour.

These technologically advanced super-fast setup websites are an ideal compliment for sbi owners whom launch new products or services. Use it to create a web presence for each of your products.

Webmaster tools at it's best!

Make your site look professional with this new generation cost effective video. It's great value because its made in a template format. Just select the video you like and provide Chris with your words and away you go. It's what I am using on my home page of this site.

Skyrocket traffic and conversions without having to pose for the camera or record screen.

Visit Chris Willow's site

Why add video to your site?

Why it is a good idea for webmasters to use video on their websites?

Research statistics indicate the following;

  • 72% of online surfers watch at least one video each week.
  • 50% of these will take some action after watching a video advertisement.
  • 12% of this group, will make a purchase instead of 1% responding to traditional text advertisement.
  • 65% are aged between 35 & 64 with middle to high incomes.
  • Video's achieve higher rankings in search engines.
  • Video's encourage visitors to return to your site and stay longer.
  • 65% of viewers watch video to the end, compared to 20% reading traditional text advertisement.
  • Excellent opportunities exist to promote video to world through share video sites like Youtube, Revver, Live Video, BlimpTV, Viddler etc
  • It's the latest trend, visitors expect to see video on websites.

Video can be used in many different ways;

1. Introduction welcome. Let visitors know about you and what your site offers them. Build trust. People do business with those they trust.

2. Video tutorials. 90% of people prefer to watch instructional video's instead of reading manuals.

3. Opt-In video for regular newsletters.

4. Sales video, similar to TV commercials.

5. Use video to promote affiliate products with your affiliate link embedded.

6. Use in members area whereby you can charge a fee for subscribers to view your unique video's.

Are you ready to get started with video? You can learn how to get the best results with social media through They will teach you everything you need to know. Ron Douglas the founder is a well known successful internet personality. The concept is good because you don't even have to use your own video's. Actually, it's best to use video's that are rising in popularity through Youtube.

For a further information on how it works visit

VideoForward can also be used as a reference library to list your favorite video's on your site. (These can be your video's or other people's or a combination of both).

The video's listed are the ones I grabbed from PUBLIC share video sites. These are the ones I recommend to my brainyforex visitors as 'worth watching'. I make sure they will be of benefit and then I write a brief description next to them.

My visitors thank me because I save them time. Take a look at my video list here.

PS ; Notice how Ron has decided to use Chris Willow's killer sales video template to create the video below.

Be sure to visit this page again soon as more cost effective webmaster tools are added.

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