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Who could have known about the Swiss Franc?
January 20, 2015

Who could have known about the Swiss Franc?

With the recent large shock move in the Swiss Franc, who could have known it was going to happen? This article shows the importance of checking how the large Commercial Interests are positioned in the market. It's explained on this page here

As noted on the bottom of the above page notice too the current situation for all the major currencies and also the US Dollar. All seem to be ready for a reversal. Will this Thursday's (22 January 2015) ECB Announcement be the trigger?

Also, no update on the US Dollar Index has been posted as nothing new has changed since last month. Just a slowing of the trend. So we still await evidence of a reversal by waiting for a price pattern reversal.

To see the previous update the page password is usa. The page is here

Brainyforex testing of KeltnerPro continues, but as seen by the latest trades it was affected by the Swiss Bank Announcement. To view the results, visit the testing page.


Fritz Gewerth

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