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What the major currencies are expected to do next
February 24, 2015

What the major currencies are expected to do next

Looking at the COT data for the US Dollar and the Major Currencies we can see a bit of picture into what will likely happen next over the next few weeks. Read more on the markets update page. password is usa. The page is here

As noted in the market update, most traders and trading systems would have been struggling over the past 4 weeks as the markets have been moving in a sideways pattern.

KeltnerPro EA has redeemed itself after the CHF price shock. It trades on the 5 minute chart and is thus less affected by the sideways market. the To view the results, visit the testing page.

If you have ever wondered if there is a substantial difference between ECN accounts (whereby a commission is paid) vs non-ecn account? (whereby commission is taken out from the spread). Well, over the last 3 weeks I have compared a ecn and non- ecn account, running the same EA on the 1 hour charts and found there is a BIG difference. A 20% difference in profits! Lets see if this large difference continues?

PS - There are also a couple of good free candlestick books added to the free course page here


Fritz Gewerth

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