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Update 8 June 2016
June 08, 2016

Update 8 June 2016

A new update has been posted for the US Dollar index. (Giving us an insight into the major currencies direction) We need to watch where price closes at the end of this month, being the end of the quarter. Read more on the following page Password for the page is usa. here

Weekend Gap Trader testing has finished after 8 months, showing positive results, not huge by any means but at least profitable. The full review can be read on this page here

It has also been good to continue watching the results of previous EA's that have shown potential through our testing. For example KeltnerPRO which has been flagged as one of the best systems brainyforex has tested has shown it's capabilities by adding a further 55% net profit since January this year. The real money live account traded and verified through myfxbook now shows the balance at $426,038.70 up from it's initial start of $6,000.00 at 3 May 2014. Yes, a 7000.63% profit.

Brainyforex is still offering a $80.00 cashback discount on this system for its readers. Go to this page here

A new interview section has been added to brainyforex. So if you want to see any particular interviews, just send me an email and I will try and arrange an interview with your chosen trader.

Also, remember brainyforex is always keen for new reviews on trading courses, brokers, EA's etc.


Fritz Gewerth

PS - Spread the word about "Blowing the lid off scammers!"

To contact me, please use the contact form on brainyforex instead of replying to this email newsletter. Contact me here.

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