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Keeping you updated at 20 May 2012
May 20, 2012

Three things of interest at 20 May 2012

Three things to fill you in on this month.

Firstly, a good idea to pick up some GEMS about trend trading and breakout strategies courtesy of Todd Mitchell in his good faith offering whereby he shows off some of the skills he has accumulated over the past two decades of trading. The no cost video's are available on a link on the right hand side of Just see the "what's hot section".

I have watched all of Todd's three video's and I like number two the best.

Secondly, if you would like to grab Todd's course (or some other course or EA or software) you can get the cost reimbursed back into your trading account through the brainyforex / 4XP special sponsorship. You can even have a Expert Advisor programmed and get this reimbursed. Read how it works here.

Thirdly, our testing of Gregs Signals "The Traveling Trader" is about even after 54 days of testing. Assuming all the open orders were to be closed right now that is. If the open orders remain open then there is a profit. We will have to see how it goes for Greg over the next couple of months. See the results here.

Till next time.


PS - Spread the word about "Blowing the lid off scammers!"

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