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Update 14 August 2014
August 14, 2014

Update 14 August 2014

Welcome to brainyforex newsletter update

[Market Update]

The US Dollar at the end of July closed above the prior month - June high, indicating bullishness. Price has also exceeded the prior quarter high indicating higher prices are likely. It's important to understand where the US Dollar is headed as the major currencies are paired to it. Have a read of the Deutsche bank forecast for the US Dollar for the next few years on this page here

[Power of compounding profits]

Have you ever checked out the difference between keeping profits invested vs withdrawing profits each month? The results can be very surprising for those whom have never done the maths before. A link to a compounding calculator can be found on the tool page here converter.html

[Robot results]

Forex Warrior EA is still producing profits after over 4 months of testing. It's not a scalper and hence not over sensitive to spreads and slippage. So far this grid trading system has the market beat. But let us monitor the next few months and see if the market can throw this EA a curve ball? You never know with grid trading systems until about 6 months of testing. Note that brainyforex is only using the best currency pair for this robot being the British Pound.

We also welcome another non scalper ea system to brainyforex testing called KeltnerPRO. It trades with the trend using Keltner Bands. So far it's been tested for just under 2 weeks with good profits. Well worth watching this system closely.

You can access the trading statistics of these system on this page here systems.html

Till next time


Fritz Gewerth

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