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Impressive start for three automated trading systems
November 17, 2010

Impressive start for three of the four automated trading systems

Welcome to another issue of brainyforex newsletter.

Since adding the four automated trading systems and watching them trade over the last few weeks we can see interesting trading characteristics developing.

Summary as at 18 November 2010.

Forex Crescendo ea keeps plodding along with conservative profits. It trades frequently. Interesting to watch the open losing trades normally bounce back into profit or small loss.

Forex Morning Trade ea is coming along nicely. Looks to trade only once per day at the start of the London session. The stop loss is moved to break-even once the trade moves in the correct direction. That is why there are some trades shown with o profit.

Forex Bulletproof in my opinion is a masterpiece of software engineering. I can see the potential in this system. I placed it on higher lot values on two additional accounts to see what it would do. It managed to make 251% increase over a number of days. These additional accounts are experimental in nature. It will be interesting to see what happens from here on these accounts. When I increased the lot sizes above the recommended level the software came back with a warning message saying this was dangerous. I also love this robots tight stop loss policy.

PipsGeek ea robot created by Angela Adams is another diamond system. So far it has made 10 trades, all winners! The largest winning trade was for a massive 101 pips. If it can keep any losing trades to a minimum, this system may even outperform Crescendo & Bulletproof? We will have to wait and see.

ForexGeek ea robot by Andy Slater is not performing well. It's large stop loss seems to be letting it down. I have set up a second account to try different settings.

These automated trading robot results can be checked on a real time basis here.

Till next time

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