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Design a trading system based on candlesticks
March 06, 2011

Steve Nison's 2 Day Candlestick Summit 9 & 10 April

Welcome to another issue of brainyforex newsletter.

Steve Nison the man whom is credited with bringing the knowledge of candlestick charts from the Orient to the West is holding a two day Candlestick Summit on the 9th & 10th April.

The course may prove extremely useful for those whom would like to design a trading system with candlesticks. Steve will also share his own trading techniques like "change of polarity" and his favorite "moving average crossovers".

Read more about Steve Nisons background here.

Progress of Kangaroo EA

The Australian made EA is hopping along nicely. On my real money account it produced a profit of + 225 pips profit for the month of February. Live trading results shown here.

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