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DreamSphere looks interesting
December 30, 2011

DreamSphere is a live trading room with signals and mirror trades

Hope you are having a nice break at this time of the year.

Just a quick email as I have come across a forex education provider that looks very interesting.

They are called DreamSphere Live Trading Room whereby professional traders (with proven track records) teach how to trade during three trading sessions each day.

Not only that ... they also offer a mirror trades service whereby you don't even need to be in the trading room to benefit from their trading.

It's also possible to use them as a signal provider and confirm their trades before taking them.

Their track record looks very good and I highly recommend that you watch their educational video which explains some insights into "forex product vendors - bad practices".

I have set up a review page for them on this link. You can access their video through this page here.

Till next time.


PS - Spread the word about "Blowing the lid off scammers!"

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