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Update 23 June 2014 Reporting on 3 great systems
June 23, 2014

Reporting on 3 great systems

Welcome to brainyforex newsletter update

Ex-Competition System available

It's been a few years since traders have been able to get their hands on a verified winning ex-competition system. Now, one of the world's best trading systems is available as a second upsell “offer”. The Profit Boost indicator for $7 needs to be purchased first before accessing the ex-competition upsell. The first upsell offer is an automated version of the Profit Boost system, followed by the competition system called the Matrix Trade Sentinel for $497 membership, sold as a complete professional trading system. It's available on this page here

Grandmother's system now 31,935 pips profit

Also, going extremely well is Shirley Hudson's London Close strategy. She's now made 31,935 pips since January 2010. Consider too that Shirley is a grandmother whom only trades the forex markets several hours each day. Scroll down the bottom of this page

Forex Warrior EA going very well

Forex Warrior automated trading system has been on test here at brainyforex for almost three months now. Looking at its daily statistics through the MT4i panel it's showing a profit each and every day it has closed its trades. Looking at its risk profile it shows very low risk of 2.3% chance of losing 10%, 0.1% chance of losing 20% of its account and 0% chance of losing more than that.

How does it produce these consistent, low risk results? It does it through a grid trading system, opening and closing multiple trades with different lot sizes.

With these impressive results can it fall from grace in the future? Looking at large trending moves that do not retrace could be the systems downfall. The system performs best when price oscillates up and down as the British Pound is prone to do. If the system is ever caught out in a large move without retracement a loss will occur but if the system has had time to build up a healthy account balance before this happens then there should not be any loss /or minimal loss to the starting capital.

We can only wait and see how this system performs in the next three months and see how it handles any of these type of moves. That will give us 6 months of trading activity and I think the market should catch out Forex Warrior within that time if it ever will?

You can access the trading statistics of this system on this page here

Till next time


Fritz Gewerth

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