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Update 21 March 2014
March 21, 2014

Latest Update

Welcome to brainyforex newsletter update

Old stock-traders know that "market depth" can provide a wealth of information by checking the amount of buy and sell orders on the market. This too holds true for the currency market. A few days ago I posted an article which showed the market depth for EUR/GBP and noted that a slow down in the upward price movement was impending. Since then, that is what has happen. It's not always going to be that easy but market depth certainly can show when prices are more likely to slow down. Read the article on this page here

For those traders interested in pattern trading. A good ebook on the subject is available on brainyforex. It's by ForexTrendy, whom run a pattern scanner service. You can get the book from the brainyforex page below. For those with more interest in the subject a no obligation / cost trial is available for 7 days. You just have to ask nicely, and they will give you a weeks worth of testing. Get the book and trail on this page here

Alexander Collins's EA "Forex Kinetics" has now been on test for 242 days and has shown a bit of a slowdown recently. One account is showing a return of 4.6% monthly profit and the other shows 0.7% monthly profit. The system scalps the market on very short time frames and would 'only' be profitable on the the very best ECN broker and super fast VPS service.

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Fritz Gewerth

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