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Abdul an ex-competition winner
June 09, 2011

About Abdul an ex-competition winner

Ex-competion winner Abdul Majid Bin Othman, 36 lives in Pahang, Malaysia. Married with two children. Graphics design teacher. In his free time, likes playing sports with his kids or watching football and other sports on TV.

When he learned about trading, he searched for information from free websites and forums. He was also able to attend a seminar about forex and became very interested. He regrets spending lots buying many indicators online that did not work out for him. That was when he began to create his own trading systems.

With 5 years experience Abdul won version 3 of the surefire trading challenge competition. Since he won, his system has been released to the public and has received nothing but rave reviews.

Net Gain: 122.11% in one month. Initial Deposit: $1000.00. Net profit: $1,221.05. Closing balance $2,221.05. Trading System: Scalping. Pairs Traded: Any pair.

If you would like to learn to trade his system it is one of several winning systems available at SurefireChallenge.

Or you can access it through brainyforex here.

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