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$500 cashback guarantee by Todd if he cannot make you successful
May 24, 2012

$500 cashback guarantee on Todd's Course

A super-quick email letting you know Todd Mitchell's Emini Trading Course in now available for probably only the next few days as he is providing a $500 cashback guarantee in addition to full 100% refund of course if he cannot get you trading profitably and consistently.

One full year to be mentored by Todd Mitchell's 20+ years of experience and if it does not transform you it's free plus the extra five hundred dollars.

You can get the course from the link on the right hand side of brainyforex, under the "Whats Hot" section. If you have been looking for a mentor now is a good opportunity with his guarantee. Go here.

Till next time.


PS - Spread the word about "Blowing the lid off scammers!"

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