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It' about as high powered as you can get
January 15, 2012

High powered trade copier known as FX Rogue

Not sure if FX Rogue can live up to his promises?

First I better tell you what he does. FX Rogue is a high return trader whom copies his trades onto your account for a monthly fee. He is known as The Rogue Trader.

Brainyforex has been provided with a test account which has been setup for a couple of days. Those results will be displayed soon for the world to see. I will have it up and running and report back by the end of this coming week.

Right now as at 15 January 2012 you are welcome to test him for a week for $1 if you leave his home page. If you trial him yourself please tell us know how it goes for you on this public review page on brainyforex here.

PS - FX Rogue home page seems a little gimicky, but the proof will be with his results.

Check him out here.

Till next time.


PS - Spread the word about "Blowing the lid off scammers!"

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