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Update 17 January 2013
January 17, 2013

Update 17 January 2013

Welcome to brainyforex newletter update 17 January 2013

Brainyforex currently has five automated trading systems on test. As you may already be aware only robots with a high chance of success are tested. It's easy to see from prior trading results which systems have good money management and which ones don't. Our current list of robots being tested all show great money management.

4XATM – 9 weeks under test, showing 7 winning weeks and 2 losing. This EA is currently shaping up to be one of brainyforex's top systems EVER. But we will have to see how the next couple of months progress and lets not count our chickens before they hatch.

Aeron EA – 7 days of testing with 7 winning days based upon grid strategy. Created by Mahesh Agarwal from India. Good to see a robot from India, especially with its high level of ingenuity. After 7 days and 51 closed trades, I would guess that this robot will continue to produce profits and reach brainyforex's top systems list. But, once again time will tell and we will see how it handles different market conditions.

Shark EA – 16 weeks of testing with 14 weeks winning and 4 weeks losing. This EA is built to a high quality level. It checks for market liquidity and keeps risk to a bare minimum. Over it's 14 weeks of testing it's largest loss has been 3.4 pips. (Largest win 14.3 pips).

FX Capitalist – The newest robot added to testing.

Also remember SynergyFX is running a special account opening bonus whereby they provide an extra 30% deposit and provide a low risk robot called Ichi FX. Check it out on this page here here.

Till next time


Fritz Gewerth

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