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Update at 5 November 2012
November 05, 2012

Progress of EA's and Valuable Trading Lessons

The EA testing section sees PipJet taking a big hit with two rather large stop losses being triggered one after the other. It's win rate is great but its large stop loss is a worry.

4XATM seems to drifting along with a couple of long time positions that were very profitable falling back to break-even.

EA Shark 7 looks to be solidly programmed with very small stop loss strategy. This EA looks to have very good potential but only on ECN zero or very low spread accounts. I would not run it on accounts with a spread of 3 or greater.

The testing page is here.

For those that have not watched Todd Mitchell's latest three part video's, they come highly recommended with some really good trading ideas and concepts. They will only be available for a limited time. Look for the link under the video on this page here.

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