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Update 8 January 2013
January 08, 2013

Update 8 January 2013

Automated Trading Systems

Brainyforex has now been testing 4XATM for 46 days with good results coming through for this robot. It's good to see a non-scalping robot that does not depend heavily on extremely low spreads. I like the way this system is programmed and hope its profitability continues the way its been going.

Our latest addition to the robot testing page is Aeron EA. It trades by a grid trading strategy. It is already showing profits after two days with over a dozen trades made. It comes with a 7 day free trial period for anyone interested in testing it.

Check out these systems on the testing page here.

Also, remember to check out Mike Swanson's money management software - DDSMM which can be added to any automated trading system or just used as a manual standalone position sizing tool so as to increase a systems profitability. Read more here.

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Fritz Gewerth

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