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Update 9 July 2013 Cot Data & Aeron EA
July 08, 2013

Update 9 July 2013 Cot Data & Aeron EA

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For those traders whom do not know how to interpret Commitment of Traders Data, a recording of Larry Williams explaining it has been placed on brainyforex page here.

It's a MP3 recording of an interview with Larry and provides some great information for no cost, no email etc. Well worth listening too. It's been one of Larry's all time trading secrets how he finds out where the big money is flowing and he follows it.

We have now tested Aeron EA for 6 months. As of last month it was our star performer but not anymore. At the 183 day mark it has started to struggle and may prove to be a poor performing system in the long term? If all its open trades were closed today it would show a loss for the six months. Not a good situation for any trading system to be in. Its trading statement is here.

A surprise performer has been DreamSphere a trade copier service. After 5.5 months (168 days) it has made 10% profit with very low drawdown. The default trade settings have been set with capital protection in mind. The 10% return has been calculated assuming all open trades were closed as of today. Over the 5 months the first month was a losing month but the other months have been profitable. It should also be noted that total pips gained for this period is + 4010. (5471 closed - 1461 open). Access statement here.

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Fritz Gewerth

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