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Current EUR/USD Gann Example
February 16, 2011

Current Gann Analysis for Euro

Welcome to another issue of brainyforex newsletter.

In the last few weeks we have been analyzing the Euro according to WD Gann techniques.

Putting these techniques together onto the current chart as at 16 February 2011 we will see what happens next. Will price touch 1.3500 and then continue moving higher? Take a look at some of the Gann techniques presented on the chart and later we can see what takes place.

Take a look at today's example here.

Also, a new addition to our automated trading software by the name of Kangaroo EA now trades the EUR/USD currency pair in addition to the AUD/USD. It is performing very well so far. The developers feel this robot is capable of generating about 12% profit monthly with low risk settings.

So far what I have seen of this robot I like. The developers also seem very conscientious of their work. Take a look at it on the testing page, scroll down here.

Till next time

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