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4XATM EA did not perform in the long term Not rated yet
0 stars. 4XATM forex robot has a trading strategy problem. When the market keeps trending for a long period of time, then all of the robots profits are …

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Quick information from Alex Polenko creator 4X ATM

4X ATM is designed for long term and safe trading. It takes 1 trade at a time for each pair and is friendly for FIFO and Non-Hedging Brokers.

The system is built on a strict strategy and is not a rapid trader and does not scalp. It will take highly accurate trades and trade roughly 3 - 6 times per week per currency pair.

This system never uses grid style or martingale trading. And has an amazing money management system built in, as you trade it you will see this is a comfortable robot to run with your portfolio.

4X ATM is not like any other forex robot you have seen before. It's built to be traded for years to come.

Contrary to what many beginners believe you don't always need a sophisticated / complicated strategy to be successful in Forex trading. The movement of the markets is dictated by the demand and supply of those trading in the markets.

If enough people are following the basic fundamental rules of trading then a good portion of the time the market will do as such.

Of course this can't always be the case and this is why we have risk management. BUT if we win more than 50% of the time, then we have nothing to worry about.

4X ATM is built upon special combination of Moving Averages, Parabolic SAR, and some Price Action.

It's the discovering of the proper use of these indicators / methods with risk management and trade management that allow it to be so successful.

The strategy is also built for non EURO pairs. So we can avoid this crazy EURO crisis.

Most importantly trades are carefully managed using these indicators as well to determine appropriate stop loss and take profit. There is also a built in trailing stop to catch profits if a reversal occurs.

Using dynamic stops and takes has been proven to be a highly effective method of managing a trade it also allows us to build in a stop loss hunting protection from brokers.

Stop loss and take profit are reasonable and usually within 1:1 ratio. Stop loss is never significantly huge like some systems. Essentially it exercises safer trade management.

4X ATM has risk management built in to scale up and down your lot sizes per trade depending on market conditions, margin, equity, etc. It allows the user to set appropriate risk they want to risk giving them the ability to climb faster or slower.

A live account will be run side by side with all customers so that they can follow and compare to their own results. REAL MONEY.

More information visit www.4xatm.com