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Reading forex trading articles can be a great way to increase ones knowledge in trading the foreign exchange market. There are many topics to explore on the subject and can be selected below.

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If you would like to read interviews with traders. Read here.

The winning hit rate (Accuracy) of a forex trading system is not as important as you may think. Read here.

How to quickly evaluate automated trading robots. Read here.

Hidden dangers with forex signals. Read here.

Thoughts on paying for a forex education. Read here.

Where to find good free trading strategies. Read here.

Some actual trading strategies provided here. Read here.

Master the art of Japanese candlesticks. Read here.

Here are some forex tips worth considering. Read here.

You really need to know this about money management. Read here.

The weakest element in trading is psychology. Read here.

Should you use a tight stop loss? or wide one? or no stop loss at all? Read here.

Researcher finds key to a good trading method is "low risk trading idea's" Read here.

The best forex trading hours to trade currencies. Read here.

Can technical analysis help in your trading? Read here.

Understand how forex robot scammers work. Read here.

Understand how important "forward testing" is when it comes to back testing and optimizing your automated trading system. Read here.

Forex brokers merit close scrutiny. Read here.

Shocking discovery comparing two different brokers. One ECN account and the other a non-ecn account. Read here.

Using natural square numbers in your trading. Read here.

Best forex trading system gems from WD Gann. Read here.

Find out whats involved in trading the news. Read here.

A listing of earnings from different signal providers. Read here.

Learn how to use COT (Commitment of Traders) Data. Read here.

WD Gann patient studies finally paid huge rewards. Read here.

William Gann trading theory put to the test before 2020 stock market crash happen. Read here.

What are forex options. Read here.

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