Brainyforex's Transparency

Genuine forex products vs scams strives to implement procedures and practices that enables its website visitors to enjoy the highest level of transparency possible. This means we strive to make this review site candid, open, frank, honest, clear, etc.

The public's participation is encouraged on all subjects on the site.

Mission statement

The overall mission of brainyforex is to educate and identify genuine forex products and services that work and warn about those that are of poor standard or scams.

Site revenue
Site revenue comprises advertising banners, shown as site sponsors. Read more here.

Any affiliate links used to direct visitors to other sites are clearly identified.

Site sponsors may provide a discount to brainyforex site visitors through use of a coupon code, special link or mention.


Brainyforex 'does not' act as a introducing broker (IB) for any forex broker(s).

Public reviews 'IP address' authentication

Brainyforex is aware of the possibility of fake reviews being contributed by vendors / vendors employees or agents so as to improve their image or discredit their competition. Checking IP addresses reduces the possibility of one person / company sending in several fake reviews.

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If you have any concerns or suggestions feel free to contact us here.

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