About brainyforex
"With your feedback our aim is to work out what works in forex"

Brainyforex.com was started in March 2009 as a forex trading information and resource site to assist new and experienced forex currency traders.

Many forex trading vendors whom sell trading products do so without offering proof that they can actually trade successfully themselves - Now through brainyforex, these vendors have the opportunity to prove what they are selling is real and dinkum!

The forex trading community is more than welcome to provide feedback on any products or services that they have used themselves so as to weed out the "pretenders" "scammers".

Through our articles, traders will find a wealth of knowledge  and candid down to earth information on improving their trading skills from market masters like WD Gann, Elliott, Williams, Davas, Schwager, Nison, Van Tharp just to mention a few.

The site also contains information to assist traders build or find profitable automated trading systems and strategies. The public reviews are also available for different trading courses, brokers, VPS services, signals you name it. The public's feedback on any forex product or service is encouraged. Check out the review menu page here.

Having opened my first forex trading account back in 2002, as a newcomer to the trading industry I subsequently found out through personal experience that the trading industry is full of crafy professional scammers. So good in fact that most victims don't even realize that they have been ripped-off.

Since 2002, much has changed and the global economy is now ever more connected through the internet and information is widely available and that helps shine a light on those doing the wrong thing in the industry and close them down. Exposing scammers is a team effort, your feedback through the review pages is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about anything feel free to Contact Me.

Best Regards
Fritz Gewerth

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