After 244 days the loss of Leo Trader was $107.19

by Fritz

0 Stars. Leo Trader Pro has been tested by brainyforex on a demo account from 4th February 2011.

This EA is advertised as a robot that can double your account every month. Unfortunately, so far in its 57 days of demo testing it has reduced a $10,000 account down to $9,506.89.

The problem has been that two large stop loss have been hit within the 57 day time period. Each loss is set at 330 pips. This has caused the robot to remain unprofitable as take profit targets have only been 16 pips average.

It will be a long road to recovery at this rate.

Have also noticed that there are regular problems with the failure for the system to re-start after disconnection problems with the software.

On 29 September 2011, ceased testing LeoTrader due to poor performance. After 244 days the loss was $107.19.

The system had a 93% win rate with 104 profitable trades and 8 losing trades. Unfortunately, each winning trade was small and each losing trade was large (330 pips).

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