after 310 days paraswing made 22 percent and 642 pips

by Admin

3 Stars. We tested ParaSwing EA for 310 days through ThinkForex which has demo and live account through the same feed for same results. Our opening deposit was $1,000 on the 28 September 2011 and our closing amount was $1,227.32 on 1 August 2012.

Over the period of 310 days ParaSwing made a profit of 642 pips. On our small thousand dollar account this resulted in a increase of 22.2% with good money management.

Basically the system made an average of 60 pips each month. Not every month showed a profit though. There were 6 winning months and 5 losing months.

Even though the system creates profits slowly the software has functioned very well from a technical standpoint. The software ran perfectly during the entire 310 days of testing.

I rate it 3 stars out of 5 because it has not produced a profit each and every month.

I believe the creators can improve this system by trying to limit the number of trades and focus more on accuracy. I would look at incorporating one or two moving averages so that the system trades more in line with a higher time frame and hence should reduce false breakouts that end up reversing.

Overall, a good effort from the creators and great software as a base to improve from here.

Thankyou for providing the review copy for brainyforex.


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