Amazing three things that you should learn as a trader

by Andrew

Trading is considered to be the job of elite people. It ’s not like that everyone become successful traders in today’s world. The vast online industry was limited to the large banks and institutions in the past but nowadays due to active steps from the reputed brokers, traders are able to trade with the high-leverage trading account. Due to this, they can easily make money with a small amount of deposit. But making profit consistently is extremely difficult. Even some of the professional Aussie traders often face consecutive losing months. But losing is very normal in trading and there is nothing you can do about it. Before you consider trading as your full-time profession make sure that you find a reputed broker like Saxo which offers excellent trading environment. Today we will discuss three amazing things which will change your trading career.

Price action trading

Price action trading is nothing but the study of the raw price data and the execution of the trade. Many professional traders often consider it as the best trading strategy due to its simplicity. As a new trader, you will often face too many losing trades after using the price action trading system but consider it as your your initial stage you should not focus on your profit factor rather you should concentrate on developing yourself as a trader. Instead of using tons of indicators try to use the reliable candlestick pattern to execute high-quality trades at the key support and resistance level. Many traders often trade the reversal by using the price action signal but it is one of the most deadly mistakes anyone can make. Always make sure that you are trading in favor of the long-term trend since it is one of the best ways to reduce your risk exposure.

Proper money management

Trading is all about managing your risk efficiently. As a full-time trader, you will be looking for high-quality trade setups on your trading platform. But despite doing all the things correctly you will often have many losing trades. Even the most successful traders in the financial world face this consequence. So how do we make money even after losing money? The answer remains in your risk management plan. If you plan to lose 100 $ in every single trade and win 500 $ in every winner then you can literally afford to lose 4 trades out of 5 and still remain on the profitable side. This is the true power of perfect money management. You should always aim for high-risk reward ratios trade since it will help to enhance your profit factors in the financial industry.

Control over emotions

Emotions are extremely dangerous for the novice traders. Being a participant in the financial industry you should always look to place high-quality trades based on your technical analysis skills. If you trade the market with your emotions then chances are very high that you will never make money in the financial world. You should always focus on rational logic and keep your emotions aside. The professional traders suggest the novice traders read books on psychology since it’s a great way to gain control over your emotions. It’s true that at the initial stage it will be extremely hard to place a trade based on rational logic but if you follow strict discipline then within a few months you will adapt to this rule. And when you place any trade make sure that you are trading in favor of the long-term trend.

Summary: The forex market is a huge market and not everyone can make money in this industry. Though there are many ways to improve your trading career but make sure that you follow the above mentioned three golden tips. Always try to limit your risk exposure and execute your trade based on your analytical result.

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