Further Notes About Running Automatic Forex Robots

Forex robot trading results are shown here.

Default settings + other settings

All robots are run on recommended default settings unless stated otherwise. Additional accounts may be set up to experiment with with different settings and different brokers.

Demo vs Real Money Accounts

'Demo accounts' will produce better results than 'real money accounts' due to order executions or fills.

Real account orders need to match buyer and seller for the transaction, whereby demo accounts do not have this limitation and can be executed at the exact price each and every time.

Short term scalper robots are particularly affected. The main thing is that if the demo account does not show a profit then the real money account will not have any hopes of doing any better.

Brokers Used

Brainyforex uses a variety of brokers to run the robots.

As there is no central exchange for currency rates and forex brokers have scope to charge clients in different ways / different spreads, this means that robots will perform differently through different brokers. Read more about brokers here.

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