by Richie
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

BANKOPTIONS, OPTION-WORLD, BINARYOPTIONSXPOSED. All of these 3 are related, if the same people. I found out that Option-world and Binaryoptionsxposed use the SAME COMPUTER to email from (their IP address is exactly the same). When I emailed Bankoptions I got a reply from OptionWorld! When you deposit money on bankoptions look at the heading of the payment page- it says Option-World!

The PC's of these people (person?) are situated in Singapore or Hong Kong (which falls under Chinese jurisdiction).

With AT they use different strategies:
1. The AT signals start going wrong and you start loosing money big-time until your account is depleted and before you reach your trading volume, OR
2. The AT stops altogether- your balance stays the same thus never reaching the trading volume.

So inevitably you can NEVER WITHDRAW your money because your account is either NIL or never reaches trading volume. Emails, internet chats and Skype messages get completely IGNORED.

This happened to me and at least 37 others who I know of who were in the same signal group.


But their day will come- God does not sleep!!


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Apr 08, 2020
lucky me got most of loss back
by: John

Being a Binary options scam victim is depressing, you have been promised a fortune by binary companies or brokers but at some point, they do not seem to answer to your emails and phone calls, i have been at that point too, i trusted enough to invest a chunk of my life savings, i never thought i would be getting back my money till i came in contact with a recovery team that helped me get a significant sum of my investment and at the moment, i have taken the company to a civil court, do not waste your time with scammers claiming to be a recovery company, hopefully you wont fall for similar tricks in the future, reach him on; xxxx

Note from Admin : Name replaced with xxxx.

Jul 18, 2013
bank options are big scammers

bank options are big scammers, i invested 10000 dollars with them, now i cant contact them in any way, they dont answer the phone, my emails, and my account manager is online in skype all the time but doesnt answer to me at all, i cant belive they can get away with this scamming people every day, stay away from these people dont make the same mistakes i did! i cant even find their page in the internet anymore!

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