been using red paladin vps for 2 years now with good results

by Fritz

Update October 2015 Bad situation

RedPaladin were going great until their US Servers ran into trouble. While trying to fix them they transferred me over to their UK Servers. This worked out fine for a few months but then only to find their UK Servers also had major problems. It must have been major because support staff were hard to get a hold of and they could not assist me even to login to the VPS. I gave them plenty of opportunity to get over this problem but no support came to help me for 2 weeks. So I had to get another VPS provider.

Excellent. Brainyforex has now been using Red Paladin VPS service for just over two years now. Today is 4th November 2014.

After two years of trouble free use my VPS started getting CPU usage spikes, maybe because of having run too many metatrader platforms and EA's being installed and uninstalled while testing many different automated trading systems?

Support staff at Red Paladin were very receptive to try and fix the issue. It is good how they can connect to your system through remote access once you provide the login details. They offer to try and fix it with either you present or not. I think it's good to have both of these options available.

It's also great to see them using a ticketing system which only closes the support request once feedback is received that the VPS issue is fixed.

The VPS problem I had was a bit difficult to fix so the guys created a new platform. Over the last few weeks since then, it has been working well again.

Support staff also go the extra mile by offering to re-install any software programs.

I also like the CPU usage meter, which allows users to see how much processing power the system is using with a different number of metatrader platforms, charts and forex robots operating concurrently.

Hence, with trouble free use for over two years and helpful support staff I keep a very high rating for Red Paladin VPS.

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