Best analysis to trade Euro

by Simari

Two questions if possible:
1. I am focused on currencies, especially on the Euro that as you know was born on 01.01.1999. What about the planet of the Euro in according to the birth? I have not astrological knowledge.
2. What about the best analysis (about Gann) to make in this markets?

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Jan 10, 2011
Best analysis for trading euro currency
by: Admin

According to WD Gann he would look for changes in the markets on anniversary dates. For example as you mentioned the euro was born on the 1 January 1999 and started trading on the 5 January. He would be looking out for a change in trend at that same time each year. One year anniversary date. So at the beginning of each year he would consider the possibility of a change in trend.

It must be noted that Gann would not act on only one method such as this. He would always say that the best analysis is putting ALL OF HIS TECHNIQUES together and then forming an opinion on a change in trend. Thereby consider techniques such as highest point traded to lowest point traded and find the midpoint or 50% level and this is a major support / resistance level. Includes other divisions of trading ranges like 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Other things to consider is strength of current trend by means of Gann fan. Example is it holding a set percentage rate of trend?

Also workout time cycle for how often the currency makes trend changes. Every 10 days? or 20 days for example. Check and see.

Gann said put all of these techniques together to get an idea of a "possible change in trend". Gann's methods provided about a 93% accuracy, not a certainty.

Gann also mentioned that the most money made on the markets was by means of swing trading techniques.

He also used natural square numbers for support and resistance.

I will shortly do a report on the Euro according to these techniques so stay tuned.

In your question you asked about astrology in relation to Gann. I have not done any research into this area at all.

If other traders would like to comment on what they feel is the best analysis method(s) for the Euro we welcome your input.

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