Binary Options - All you need to know About Them in simple terms

by Ahmad

Trading is the best bet for many people who indulge in it completely. There are many options available in trading and Binary Option is the new in thing that is catching up. It is basically an investment wherein people use logic to earn money.

Tradings are based on
- Calculations
- Study of market
- Financial Understandings
- Fluctuations in financial market

Binary Options is a good platform for trading and as the name itself suggests it offers two options. One is ‘cash-or-nothing Option’ and the other is ‘asset-or-nothing binary option’. Investing in binary option is all exciting because the investor here a trade on the speculation of the movement of assets.

Binary option is liked by many because of the following reasons:
1. The results are faster, that is the fate of the investment can be known at the end of the day.
2. The Payout that can be earned is all fixed.
3. The binary options cannot be sold before expiry time.

The Binary option trading is simpler because there are not many options that a trader has to pick from. There are only two options and this helps in making a decision faster. A trader has to decide as to whether the value will go up or down. There is no need to assess how much up or how much down. Thus the trading becomes simpler with binary options. It as simple as that every time a trader picks the right direction of value flow, he can make money. The return is obviously proportional to the risk taken.

Binary option is the choice of many because, here the trader has to just assess whether the value goes higher or lower. The volume of change does not matter. Hence this is found to be an easier option to assess. Though it is good for the trader to have knowledge about the stock market, it is not essential in binary options. With just some brushing up, anyone can enter this trading zone and earn with a little training and experience. That is the reason why Binary option is catching up faster than expected.

The binary options offer another good feature like they are available in different timing options, from 60 seconds to months, various strike prices and also various platforms where one can find a broker to suit the traders requirements.

Though there are some minor disadvantages with binary options like non-owning of assets, if the trader is a bit careful, binary options offer the best way to make money. This is because of the simplicity and need to predict only two options, varying time spans.

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Sep 29, 2012
Nice Article
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this informative article :)

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