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Chad Simmons is the founder of BinaryOptionsExplained Ltd (, a professional trader and highly respected trading mentor.

With more than a decade of trading the Forex and commodities markets, Chad is now training aspiring traders looking to actively grow their own accounts with tried-and-tested trading techniques and expert market analysis.

Chad’s skilful writing and unique teaching approach allows for a self-paced learning suitable to all levels of trading. His work integrates fundamental and technical analysis with the latest instructional tools using the best methodologies. His newsletter followers are full of high praise with many rarely missing the weekly release.

Chad's career in the derivatives industry started in 2003, as an exotic options trader, working in the heart of London's financial district, in Canary Wharf. In time, he came to play a key role on a team of brokers responsible for structuring and executing transactions in the options market. The majority of these orders were in commodities; crude oil, gold and silver, and popular currency pairs; EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY.

Chad obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Finance from UCL with a distinction in 2001 and an MBA from Cass Business School in 2002.

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Big Set-Up in USDJPY 9 May 2014 Not rated yet
As the US equity market remains choppy, I’m constantly looking at the big picture across all asset classes. Of course, one currency pair I’ve got my eyes …

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