Brainyforex calls Funnel Trader pure genius

by Fritz

Update : Warning. Customers need to ensure correct risk settings are used as unfavorable market conditions may occur on rare occasions which could cause larger than normal drawdowns for this EA. On 28 November 2018 a temporary drawdown of 14.49% occurred on the vendors live account which was unusually high from it's normal less than 4% drawdown in the past years. It has also been reported to brainyforex that a client whom ran a $2,000 account during that drawdown period was wiped out because of using too high risk level for such a small account.

Brainyforex has tested Funnel Trader from 10 August 2018 to 18 October 2018. The starting demo money account was $5,000 and ended with $5,568.94. That being 11.4% growth in 70 days or 4.9% monthly. It made 775 trades, 462 being winners and 311 losers.

The system works by continually opening and closing batches of different currencies at the same time. (aud/usd, eur/jpy, eur/usd, nzd/usd and usd/jpy). It seems to be a case of it working with interrelationships between the currencies without any regard to technical analysis or price action. As soon as one batch is closed, another batch opens immediately and the cycle continues.

This strategy is pure genius. It made a profit each day of our testing. (except the final day of our testing because we wanted to cease the test that day). To see how good it has worked for several years take a look at the official results shown through myfxbook. This real money account has made a 3.48% monthly return since march 2016.

During our testing the software worked perfectly too. Funnel Trader as of today 18 October 2018 is the best automated trading system we have ever tested. It must be one of the world's best fully automated trading systems available to the public to purchase.

Brainyforex downgrades the rating for this EA to 3.5 stars out of 5 because of the unusually high drawdown that occurred during Novemeber 2018.

It must still be noted that a 14% drawdown for an EA is still excellent as most EA's cannot achieve this over a period of years. However, the next drawdown size is unknown? Will it be greater than 14%? That really is the big question for this EA?

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