Brainyforex demo account statistics very bad for Signal Trader

by Fritz

Brainyforex has noted that since January 2014 to July 2016, a two and a half year period, that approximately 17 people (referred through us) have tested Signal Trader using demo accounts and NONE of these have been able to get good enough results to inspire them to convert their demo accounts into real money accounts.

We at brainyforex also could not achieve decent results through our demo account when we tested several different signal provides through them in early 2015. (See our other review for more details)

Hence, our verdict on Signal Trader based upon the above information is a FAIL MARK for them. They need to go back to basics and work out why so many people are failing to produce profits on their demo accounts?

Brainyforex would like to hear your reviews and thoughts on Signal Trader if you have tried them.

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