Brainyforex has tested CovertFX for just over six months

by Fritz

Testing for this EA ceased on 13 March 2017 as CovertFX has not produced any profit since testing started six and a half months ago on 1 September 2016.

Total loss for period was -$1,740.21. It made 557 trades, 283 winners and 274 losers. Tested for six and a half months. Two of those months showing profits and the others loses.

It was observed that this EA has the ability to recover losses if the market moves in it's favor.

It is worth watching the vendors independent third party verified live account to see where it goes from here. As it normally goes, since testing finished a few profitable trades came through.

If trading results pick up from here it would mean that Brainyforex's testing was during a drawdown period and this EA. If it can manage some 100% profitable months due to market conditions it may be worth purchasing if you can handle larger type of drawdowns without stressing out.

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