Brainyforex has tested Quick Scalp Trader with not so good results

by Fritz

Brainyforex has tested Quick Scalp Trader by William Morrison for 61 days. Started on 12 August 2018 with $5,000 on our demo account and finished with $4,581.83 on 4 October 2018.

The system made 77 trades. Half being eur and the other gbp. Of those, 67 were winners and 10 losing.

Even though most were winners, the large stop loss (large compared to the systems take profit) caused the system to end up with a loss of -$418.17 after the two months.

This system was only tested for the two months because in early October a new updated version was released and this ended the current version under test.

Overall, installation, and the software's functioning was flawless but the strategies large stop loss is a apparent problem?

We thank the system developer for providing a review copy and hope they can consider improving the "rather large stop loss" parameter so as to make it more viable across a larger set of market conditions.

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