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by Fritz

Second demo account tested with $10,000 for prior three weeks ending 8 May 2015 with the following results;

Tested SignalWave and SignalKing. SignalWave made profit of $292 (Closed profit $1020 & -$728 open).
SignalKing lost $-38. (Closed profit $252 & -$290 open).

Overall opening balance $10,000. Closing balance after 3 weeks $10,254. (Closed profit $1272 & -$1018 open). ie 2.54% Profit.

Read below about 1st Test

Yesterday 16 March 2015, I opened a demo SignalTrader account with $10,000 deposit. I assigned $3,000 for SignalMixFX, $3000 for SignalPower and $3,500 for SignalMAX signal providers. The demo account lasts for 18 days so I will provide continued updates.

Just before easter on the 2 April 2015 the figures came in as follows for the demo account which was started on the 16 March 2015;

Net loss -$(839.77) Balance $11,093.56 Open trades -$(1,933.33) Equity $9,160.23

SignalMixFX made a -$(202) loss.
SignalMax $707 profit with -$(1306)open trades and
SignalPower $590 profit with -$(778)open trades.

Testing for only 2 weeks is limited so we shall do some more testing with some other signal providers. The final results for the above signal traders depends on how the current open positions end? Overall at this stage this selection of signal traders does not look good.

Even though the results have not been good, the SignalTrader demo account interface - where subscribers login has shown itself to be very good. The layout is simple and selecting or changing signal providers is easy.

Stay tuned for more testing of different signal providers.


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