brainyforex is very happy with EA Coding work done by MQL Studio

by Fritz

Brainyforex is very happy with EA Coding work done by MQL Studio. During August 2014, I got Frantz to create a moderately difficult EA that required a Custom Metatrader indicator to be modified.

The programming work done on the indicator was "perfect". It's exactly what I was looking for. I did not know for sure if the indicator could be modified in such a way to create a "stable" entry signal as the metatrader indicator is subject to repainting as price moves up and down. With this repainting in mind I asked for a color line to be shown on the chart as a visual breakout point so that I could see if the entry point would match the breakout level as indicated by the custom indicator. And match they did. The visual entry matches exactly with the indicator and the trades are activated as intended each time.

As I know this custom indicator modification could have been a bit difficult due to repainting issues, I am very happy that Frantz got it to work so well. I have no hesitation in recommending Frantz to traders whom are looking for a honest, conscientious ea metatrader programmer.

Frantz also offers a discount for visitors coming from this site with coupon code "BRAINYFOREX". His website is

Fritz Gewerth

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