Brainyforex tested Fluid Trader for 6 months with good results

by Fritz

Update on Fluid Traders third party verified account during 2018 has now shown this EA has had a total meltdown due to too many losing trades going against it on both their number one and number two account. Too bad for this EA - it is now classified as a failure.

Our testing of Fluid Trader EA started on 26 September 2017 with a $3,000 demo account and the balance ended with $3,945.68 on the 22 March 2018.
We used medium risk settings running M5 AUD/USD & USD/CHF.

The EA made 671 trades, 545 being winners and 125 losers.
The overall profit was 31.5% being approx 4.6% each month on average.

Fluid Trader never had a losing day over the 6 month period of testing. This was because the trading strategy would open numerous trades in an effort to recover from a draw-down situation. It would steadily keep the same lot size to begin with but then increase the lot sizes heavily once it was sitting on many open losing positions. The strategy did work over the six month period of testing, however it can be a risky should the losing trades occur with the larger lot sizes. Having said that, the developers have updated this strategy to include more currencies and the ability to manage risk settings in a more flexible way.

The deepest valley draw-down was -15.7%.

It should also be remembered that testing was done on a demo account and the system generally does aim for small profits within a short period of time and hence if it were placed on a real money account would not have been able to do quite as well as our results show.

For those wanting to give Fluid Trader a go, they would need a competitive ecn account with low spreads and low latency paying commissions per trade. Fluid Trader would not profit through just any broker with poor spreads and bad fills.

The software operated flawlessly with no issues at all. With the new version of Fluid Trader, whereby risk can be better managed Brainyforex is very happy with this EA.

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