brainyforex tested forex kinetics with satifactory performance

by Fritz

3.5 stars. Brainyforex tested Forex Kinetics EA running two separate accounts through IC Markets. (Demo account same as real account)

The robot trades on a very short time frame making scalping moves up to several minutes. Both accounts were profitable but it can be determined that only the very best broker and VPS service would work. ie Zero ECN spread broker or close to zero spreads. The VPS would have to have excellent latency (speed) as it opens and closes trades quickly.

Two default recommended preset accounts were run. The first with 15 charts and the second with 3 charts.

Over 253 days on the first account from 17 July 2013 to 2nd April 2014 with 15 charts the opening balance of $3,000 closed with $4,513.14. ie $1,338.70 profit, being 354 pips gained. A overall net profit of 44.6% ie 4.6% monthly. Made 63 trades, 37 winners, 26 losers.

The second account with the same above dates and balance ended with $3,234.73. ie Profit of $234.73 being 42 pips gain. Net profit of 7.8% or just under 1% per month. Only 3 charts were used with this account. Made 32 trades, 13 winners and 19 losers.

For those interested in looking at the actual trading statements they are on this page here

Thoughts overall, is that the time frame traded is very short and hence may prove to be a problem for the ordinary trader with average broker and average VPS service? The strategy controls risk very well. There were no scary large losses. The quality of the software is A1. I have found that EA systems built by Alexander Collins are always top quality. Out of all of the systems I have tested (over 30 so far) Alex's software always seems to run better than most. No issues with installation, or the software turning itself off unexpectedly - always runs trouble free with no input needed.

I rate this trading system no more than 3.5 stars because of the extremely short scalping time frame, which may not be duplicated by all whom purchase it.

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