brainyforex tested KeltnerPro and confirms its the real deal

by Fritz

Brainyforex can confirm that Jared Rybeck's real live account results shown on his website are the real deal.

Brainyforex has run two tests on KeltnerPro EA. The first test was going well until the Swiss Bank's shock announcement that sent the USD/CHF currency pair into free fall. This once in a decade event impacted the small account balance that was on test so a second test was started. The second test results showed the following;

Tested 4 months (118 days) starting 28 January 2015 $5,000 and finishing on 22 May 2015 with closing balance $12,512.58. ie 150.2% Profit. It made 164 trades in total, 90 winners and 74 losers. Drawdown 11.8%. Profit factor 2.12. Check main testing page for detailed statistics here

Even thought this test was run on a demo account, it provides proof that the live results shown by Jared through myfxbook are correct and trustworthy.

The software performed well with no issues and Jared responded to emails in a timely manner.

Overall, KeltnerPro has been the best EA tested by brainyforex to date as at 29 May 2015.

PS : As it works on the 5 minute charts its essential to use a true ECN broker with low spreads like IC Markets.

PS PS : Check the main testing page to see if the brainyforex cashback discount is still available.


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