Brainyforex tested Rocket EA with poor results

by Fritz

Brainyforex testing of Rocket EA started on 4th July 2017 with $3,000.00 demo money account. This system is a grid trading system that can produce many profitable trading days in a row until it gives up all those profits and more due to big market moving days which don't retrace. This is the main problem with grid traders - they will catch you out unexpectedly by unexpected large moves and that is certainly what happened with Rocket EA.

Within two weeks our account lost the initial $3,000.00 due to just one bad day. Another $3,000.00 demo money was added and a nice recovery was taking place until the market had a big bullish move in the British Pound which caused one trade to be in a floating negative amount of $800.80. The equity balance was $1,287.16 and with such a big draw down it was time to call it a day for this system. The final stats was 331 total trades, 163 winners and 167 losing. 22 Winning days and only the 2 unprofitable days that lost most of the accounts balance.

The developers have since changed the trading strategy to make it a lot safer, but I still need convincing that grid trading systems can work over the longer term? It is recommended to watch their live trading account to see if they can make some long term profits trading it? They do recommend that the system is not just left to accumulate profits but rather to withdraw profits on a regular basis so as to reduce risk. Can this be done? Guess it depends if you get a good clean run of a string of profits before the big losing day comes? As for our brainyforex testing, we got hit with a few large market moves early in the piece so we did not have a chance to accumulate decent profits. The first time it made about three hundred dollar before it lost most of its balance and then the second time it accumulated profits of about a thousand dollars.

The developers do say its a risky trading strategy and in our case it was a good thing that we were using a demo money account.

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