Brainyforex tested Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0

by Fritz

We ran Wallstreet Forex Robot 2.0 Evolution on a IC Markets demo account for 100 days. From 14 March 2017 to 22 June 2017. The default settings were used.

We started the test with $5,000 and ended with a balance of $4,831.95. That being -$168.05 loss overall. The robot made 102 trades with 73 being winners and 29 losers. The average win amount was $10.53 and the average loss was $32.29, with average trade length 4.4 hours.

The three currencies performed as follows;

EUR/USD $180.12 profit with 85% win rate.
GBP/USD -$431.70 loss with 58% win rate.
USD/JPY $83.53 profit with 85% win rate.

Overall the software performed faultlessly also providing warnings when the Metatrader VPS terminal was functioning poorly. For example when trade opening or trade closing was taking too long to execute. Over the period of the test this did happen from time to time with my VPS service and if I were running this EA on a real money account I would have to make sure this issue was taken care of.

My VPS may have contributed a little for sub-optimum results that were achieved? It is interesting to note that both EUR/USD and USD/JPY both achieved a 85% hit rate with a profit and GBP/USD performed so poorly in comparison.

For anyone interested in buying this EA, it would prove handy to check out the prior years performance of these three currencies with the view of only running EUR/USD and USD/JPY? This can be done through myfxbook by analyzing the prior year results for each currency through the custom tab.

If anyone else has run this robot please tell us your experience with it.


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