Company Review: Features That Makes STR Capital Different From Other Trading Platforms

by Saim

STR Capital

You will not survive for long in the online trading if you don't have the right broker. If you are a dealer, you must make sure that you have started your trading with the right broker. Your online broker should enable you to the economical world by the trading website that you will use in your device or on your web browser to trade the assets. The information about the dealing you need will always comes from the broker. But there is a reality that there are hundreds of online brokers in the market, and it will be difficult for you to choose the one. But there is a platform you can always trust, the STR Capital. As it has amazing features. So in this article you will know about the STR Capital broker and it’s amazing and unique features.

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24 Hours Customer Support
Contacting your broker for any issue is the hardest part of the trading process. Many brokers are not serious to help the trader. Many broker sites don’t even share their contact details. However, when you call your STR Capital customer care center the team will assist you with the best support that you can ever get. The broker will always be there for you to help with the tour of the platform. You can also make a call to the number which is given to the website. You can also email them and make an appointment to call you back if you do not have the money on your mobile.

Cryptocurrency Instruments
The reason that the STR Capital has the rivalry with the best competitors in the market as they support you with the trading of cryptocurrencies other then various other assets. As you can see that the broker offers you with 18 different coin and which includes Cardano, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Bitcoin Gold, Ether, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Neo, Litecoin, QTUM, Stellar, Tron, Monero, Zcash, and XRP. The traders can trade there assets with the 1:5 leverage without any commission on the platform of STR Capital. The spreads are the flexible and depends on the liquidity of the token which is involved with the market volatility.

No Place for Money Launderers
Many of the online brokers are being helpful or a gateway to the money launderers. The brokers give the money launderers a very safe place to deposit the funds. This has made the online traders to leave the online trading world. But you can always trust the STR Capital platform where the broker will be on your side and do not allow the money launderers to sign up on this platform. And there is an AML policy which is given to the trader and requires the exact information that the money launderers will not willing to give.
And that is not enough; the broker has KYC terms also in place. Which give the broker all of the information of the online trader and who sign up on the platform. The traders who are good do not have any problems with this and they are good with these policies. However, it is complete opposite in the case of money launderers and other thieves as they will be afraid to share such details.

Advanced Charts and Graphs
You will be given charts when you will access the trading platform by STR Capital. Many traders ask this question that do they need the advanced charts. The answer to those traders is yes, they will have to get the access to the advanced charts. Charts are similar to a new cellphone as compared to the other old on with yellow screen. However, when you talk about the advanced charts you are talking about the dependability and reliability. These charts will show the techniques in a good manner and will show you the information that you can trust on. These charts are fast and you can easily understand no matter how inexperienced are you.

Many Asset Classes
The idea of giving you the online trading opportunities is to make the trading easy. When you will sign up to the broker you will need the allowance to all of the economical markets. And more the assets, which you are trading, might not be available to the whole world. For that you need to make sure that you have signed up with the perfect broker. There comes the STR Capital for your benefits. If you want to trade the stocks with the east companies of the world, STR Capital will save you and you can also trade the precious metals with the broker all around the world.

A Daily Market Review
Getting updates about the daily market review means a lot to the trader while aiming for the profits. There is something important to know if you are a newbie. Lot of the trading just about understands the sentiments of the other trader in the market. What if they are trading the different item then it will show you the new trend. If they are not dealing then they are doing they have to review a different method in the market.

Loyalty Bonus and Insurance
You cannot find many brokers who will give you these types of features. STR Capital also have insurance for the traders. When you enter the platform, you will also get the loyalty bonus for singing up with STR Capital and trading with this platform.

Account Manager
If you are looking for a broker who provide the customer with right features, then STR Capital will provide you with all the features that you need. On top of that you will be allowed to contact the account manager from STR Capital. This account manager will give you access to ask any thing about trading for two weeks even with the basic account. But if you will choose the advanced account then you will have the access to the account manager for an unlimited time. Many of the online brokers will not even give you this feature for advanced account.

You cannot find the broker like STR Capital every day. The newbie should take it as a blessing to find a broker like STR Capital that gives every feature to them and it will help them to make more money and improve their financial conditions. The main goal of STR Capital is to educate traders bout trading and help them throughout the journey to become a successful trader.

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