Complete Currency Trader high price and no trading proof signs of a scam

by Baz

I have not purchased Complete Currency Trader $14,000 product. I have watched their trade sessions but they never take a trade. I just can't find any proof and if you are going to spend $14k, would like to see something. Lol He mentions a  famous trader, W Henry as an inspiration, that maybe true but Henry doesn't trade that way. It just seems like 14k for a currency meter you could pick up anywhere on the net for free or small cost. I try to give the benefit of doubt but people can make up their own mind.

A fuller view about Complete Currency Trader is provided on the website here

A note from brainyforex;

It may be a classic high overpriced product scam which makes people believe they are getting a valuable product due to its high price?

It works well for the promoters / affiliates of the product because they pick up huge commissions from referrals. Internet marketers with large email lists like promoting these types of products because they generate fast, large sums of money from their list and new beginner forex traders don't even realize they have been scammed until years later when they wake up to the fact that most of the information presented can be found online for free or at a very much lower price or even worse they realize the real reason why they cannot trade successfully is because it was all a scam.

Bear in mind that we are not saying that Complete Currency Trader is a scam. We don't know for certain at this stage? So if the promoters could provide some proof that they really know how to trade then that would go a long way to stop this type of speculation. Agree?

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